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Luch is an ethical fashion brand born from the idea of integrating as many cultures as possible into a single brand. Luch was taken to create clothes with African and Mexican fabrics but with a totally Italian design. We are four guys, passionate about fashion, we love to feel part of the same community, so we thought of creating something of our own.


Behind this name is a group of dreamers who believe deeply in the creativity and value of people. For this reason, we decided to found our cooperative in Milan, giving the possibility and as many people as possible from different cultures to express their creativity. To avoid importing fabrics, we decided to support small local shops selling African and Mexican fabrics and create the masterpieces on site. Our cooperative takes the name of the brand "Luch" and gives work to more than 20 tailors and 15 designers who design the clothes. The goal is to enlarge our brand as much as possible to integrate more and more people into our cooperative.

Part of the revenues will be invested to open fashion schools directly in Africa and Mexico to allow young people interested in having complete training in fashion design and tailoring.  We believe that economic activity can benefit everyone by helping to create a change towards a more equitable and responsible society.


For this reason, we have chosen to be a benefit company, and every action we take seeks to be sustainable and transparent towards people and the environment.

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